Our Roots


All three photos by Jenni Johnson Photography

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Sara Kreski

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Sara attended Texas Christian University for Acting and is now taking the NYC film/tv/commercial world by storm! Sara has a heart for helping others, specifically those in Uganda. Sara works with a nonprofit, WEND, to help empower the women of Uganda affected by the Northern Ugandan war. Sara also enjoys volunteering through the Catholic Community, and getting involved with the service communities in any way she can! 

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Samantha McHenry

Samantha is Texas born and raised, originating from Friendswood, Texas. She attended TCU for Musical Theatre, and is a proud member of the Actor's Equity Association. Samantha has loved traveling all over the United States to perform in Regional Theatres all over the country! When she is not pursuing her musical theatre passions, she is pursuing her second love: Baking! You should ask her about her recipes for oatmeal m&m cookies, blueberry muffins, and triple chocolate cake. 

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our roots

Hi y'all! We are so excited to be embarking on this project of creating new adventures each week to share with you. We are thrilled that you've stumbled upon our page, and are getting to know us a little bit better. We also want to know about you! Toggle over to our Contact Us page, and shoot us a message about your favorite adventures/places to go in NYC, or tell us about your best friend that you love to travel with! 
So to get to know us better, here's a little Q&A of our friendship roots. Thanks for stopping by!

XO, Samantha and Sara

Q: "How did you two meet?"
A: Sara - “In the beginning of summer, before I went to college, I started to pray for three things: Comfort, Confidence, and Companions. At the end of every prayer, I would ask that I might meet my best friend during the first month of school. School started on August 25th, and I was assigned to work in the Box Office of the theatre. Samantha was also assigned to work in the Box Office, and on September 25th, exactly one month after school had started, we got scheduled to work together. Immediately upon meeting, we had all of these great talks, and instantly knew that we were going to be best pals. We marked that as our day of friendship, and now it’s a national holiday.”
Q: "Is this your first big adventure together?"
A: Samantha - "Oh no! We actually were both cast in the 2016 National Tour of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: The Musical, in which we both played elves! We toured across the United States together for a month and a half, spanning from North Dakota to Florida! It was such an awesome adventure. I kept a blog throughout the entire experience, and you can find it at: www.diariesofacurlytoedelf.weebly.com. It's mainly a bunch of photos I'd take of my bud Sara as I documented the experience!" 
Q: Why the bunk bed?
A: Samantha - "Honestly, it's just a huge space saver! We can fit two beds in the place of one, so in these tiny NYC apartments, it's a huge lifesaver. Thanks to the bunk bed we are able to have a full dining table, couch, keyboard, and other living spaces!"
Sara - "It's also great because it has a trundle underneath, so we technically have THREE beds in the place of one! This way we can also house a guest (or three) if we have friends that want to stay with us when they visit NYC!"
Q: How can we tell you apart?
A: Sara - "I have glasses"
Samantha - "And your big green coat!"