Our MIssion

Photo by @heyitslifestyle, Matthew Fischer

Photo by @heyitslifestyle, Matthew Fischer


Our Mission 

We envision to proactively create, empower, and impact our community by joyfully seeking sights, service, and sweet treats in the world around us. 


Breaking Down the Mission Statement

Envision: We liked the word “envision” for our mission statement because it is not saying “we will...”, and it is not saying “we will try to…” Envision, to us, was the equivalent of “we are seeking and striving” which is exactly what we are doing. It is allowing us to be open to God’s plans for us, while still being bold, driven, and motivated in what we are trying to accomplish. 

Proactive: We chose this word because we feel that it embodies our lives. As actresses, we are constantly on the search for our next audition and job. As individuals, our personalities are quite similar in that we do not like to simply “sit around”. We are explorers, always seeking out our next adventure! 

Create: As artists, this word hits home to us. We are constantly creating art in all aspects of our lives. This vlog has been a beautiful creative outlet for us, as it is something we look forward to putting together to share with you each week, and can share a little bit of our creative hearts with you.

Empower: From the very start of this vlog, when we sat down to discuss what our goals were to achieve with it, the word “empower” has always been at the forefront. We want to empower our friends, wherever they are, to take a big leap in life - move to a big city, try a new skill, travel to a new country, start a new job, or make a new friend. We want to encourage others to jump out of their comfort zones, and strive to be the best individuals that they can be. 

Impact: New York City can seem like a dark and scary place. It seems fast, impersonal, and cold. However, we have found that this is not the case. There are so many admirable people in NYC, and so many that want to help others. We want to be a part of that movement, and leave this city better than the way we found it. We hope that these Vlogs will also inspire others to engage and leave an impact in their communities, wherever they may be around the world. 

Community: This word stretches much farther than physical boundaries of neighborhoods and the visible collective. We strive to build deep, meaningful, and lasting relationships and strong bonds with many different communities. We strive for relationships that teach us about different cultures, religions, occupations, and more that expand our knowledge of the world and its’ people. 

Joyful: If there were ever a word to describe our spirits, we hope that the word would be joyful. Joy is an internal feeling, and is different than happiness. As we all go through big life changes, hardships, and trials in life - we can be unhappy, but we hope to never loose the joy in our hearts. Joy cannot be defined by circumstances, but lives on throughout any trials we may go through. We hope that others can always see the joy in our adventures, and through the videos that we share with you.