Partnerships / Collaborations

We are so fortunate to have collaborated on many exciting projects and giveaways! We love spreading word about exciting new companies that have great missions and messages with their products and services. Please be sure to check out all of these companies that we have attached below, and be sure to keep following our weekly vlogs for more collaborations, and for giveaways / information about their awesome products!


Our Spare Change 

We are so thrilled to share this company’s message and beautiful hand-made jewelry with you! Here is a little bit about Our Spare Change, and why we like them so much:


Our Spare Change is a social enterprise creating jewelry out of metals and coins as a way of storytelling, empowerment, and sustainable change. We value people and want to see communities transformed through the art of sharing untold stories and providing a tangible way for individuals to do good. We believe that every human has a story to share, has inherent dignity and worth and has the ability to create change in this world. We exist to tell the untold stories of individuals and non-profits in communities around the world, because we believe hearing and telling stories truly makes a difference. We give individuals and organizations a voice and an opportunity to make their story known. We believe that when stories are shared, changes starts to happen. We exist to empower people to be apart of something bigger than themselves. We believe people want to do good, but don't always know how. Our jewelry is a tool, allowing people to hear the stories of world changing organizations, giving them a tangible way to donate to their cause, and empowering them to join in. We exist to change the way people view employment. We believe everybody was created to work and deserves an opportunity to do so. Therefore, all of our products are handmade in California and Texas by talented and hardworking artisans who are working to raise themselves out of poverty. With every purchase, you are helping create work for those who may not have any without you.”

We chose to have engraved on our jewelry: MAKE IT HAPPEN. We believe that it is important to chase your dreams in life, but also are aware that opportunities are not just handed to you. It takes hard work, dedication, and strong passions to drive dreams into reality, while having faith in yourself and your abilities. We believe that in life, we need to MAKE IT HAPPEN for ourselves, and hope to inspire others to do the same!

Featured on Vlog: Week 24


Dustin Paul Music

Sara is our main gal when it comes to finding music for our weekly vlogs, and gosh is she good at it! She came across this artist when searching for material, and we have fallen in love with his music! Our favorite thing about this artist is that all of his music has great messages. You will find so much joy, light, and positivity radiating from the songs he creates, and the sounds he puts out into the world. You should DEFINITELY give him a listen! You can find more of his music at the button below, where he also has links to his other social media platforms! We have also listed his information in the description below our promo video.

We used his song “My Beautiful Life” in our Promo Video because we feel that it so accurately captures the joy we feel for living life in NYC! Catch his hit single featured in our video, linked here! (Also linked in the video next to this text)



We are so thrilled to share this nonprofit’s message and incredible hand-made products with you! Here is a little bit about WEND, and why we like them so much:

“WEND Africa, Women Empowerment Network Design, is a nonprofit that provides opportunities for employment, education & empowerment to war-affected mothers in Northern Uganda. We do more than just make bags. We dramatically improve the quality of life for women who have been affected by the war in Northern Uganda. All of our ladies are provided with advanced training in tailoring, finance, and personal development, and payed a monthly salary to create high quality and fashionable bags. Through product sales in the United States, our seamstresses will become economically stable, pay for their children’s school fees, and grow as leaders within their families and communities. The women supported by WEND Africa were all affected by the war in Northern Uganda. Many of our ladies were forced to become child soldiers or wives to LRA commanders. During war, nearly all the women were abducted, raped and abused. For the women who were lucky enough to escape, many returned HIV positive and with new children. After returning home, these women and children were ostracized due to their former affiliation with the rebels. Because these women were taken captive at a tender age, many lacked a basic education or a means to support themselves and their families.”

Check out their amazing hand-made bags and products on their website below, or contact us for more information! Sara has been working with WEND since 2015, and would love to chat about it with you more! 

Featured on Vlog: Week 27


Photo Collaborations

We have been so grateful to have partnered with so many different photographers! You can see their work scattered around this website, as well as all over our social media! Check out their work below!

Jenni Johnson Productions / Jenni Johnson Photography

Ellie Hertel Photography

Hey it’s Lifestyle Photography by Matthew Fischer